We are already there

Despite the turmoil (real and imagined), new opportunities to engage and interact with audiences abound, yet these shifts challenge and complicate the business models of traditional news organisations.
Mobile devices, app platforms and big data are shaping content and audiences in new ways. They are also giving rise to a wider array of formats and platforms, from video to Snapchat.
In the big picture, journalism — along with its technical tools — will adapt to new forms of storytelling, new audiences and even a new definition of the news itself that encompasses different kinds of events and a more rapid pace of change. These are all scenarios that call for the flexibility and speed of innovation built into open source software.
At Livebarta24 house, We talked regularly with reporters, editors and newsroom managers to find out about the latest trends in the journalism world and to see what journalists struggle with, especially when it comes to technical tools and how our software solutions can help.
We have seen that quality tools are crucial for quality journalism. We think redefining journalism is not impossible — actually, we are already there.

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